Thursday, June 13, 2013

Turkeys Megalomaniac PM Erdogan’s ‘Final Warning’ Proves It Is Forced Slavery – By Jason Liosatos

The fear filled threats and deadline to the protesting people in Turkey is further proof that democracy is a fallacy, and always was. People have been tricked into believing they are free and it is only when people push against the boundaries of the prison that they thought was democracy, does the iron fist of their captures, the government and its armies, come down on them and punish them. We are witnessing world wide an unveiling of a prison system, which has always been there, of slavery that people thought was freedom, and as I have said for many years, it would not take much for the Turkish regime or the US, UK, Spanish or Italian – like the Syrian or Libyan – to turn their pepper spray, tear gas and water canons into bullets and start killing the people. Most people still don’t believe their own governments will ultimately kill them if they misbehave enough, and become a real threat to their positions of power.

This is the true face of government, who will ultimately kill you if you misbehave en mass, and it always has been but we had somehow forgotten and thought they were our friends and liberators who we voted for, when in truth they are our enemies and jailors, as is becoming glaringly obvious. There is the ultimate world war taking place between those who are manipulated and those who are manipulating. This war has gone on for thousands of years. People being controlled by fear by a few people at the top, who are controlling the police and military with fear, to do their dirty work to control the population of the world with fear. The people giving the orders are really cowards themselves, like kids in school used to do this. They would buy the toughest guy sweets and cakes, and give him money for protection, it’s very similar. They are buying the might of the military they created to protect themselves and steal and kill for them, to amass great fortunes and power, at the expense and suffering of populations world wide.

The military are a bit like hunting dogs who are told ‘fetch’ with one point of a finger in the direction of Iraq, Libya, Syria or anywhere, or to hurt their own people, and off they go without questioning their masters, until the masters say stop, and call them back with the catch or kill. Often splendid treasures are returned of oil, gold, minerals, money, swathes of land, and millions of ‘orphans’ for the unscrupulous IMF to adopt and manipulate with false love and bank loans, imprisoning them for generations to come.

The Government oligarchs have in essence bred a huge pack of dogs for protection as a mighty force around them. They teach them to fight and kill, and most importantly to take orders. It is quite simple, and works really well, imposing the ultimate threat of violence or death for the population if they dare to resist. The military enforcing the threats to the people are ironically also controlled by fear of Court Martial, imprisonment or death themselves if they dare to try to escape the hands of those that control and feed them, and their families well being is also at stake.

Any megalomaniac can control people by fear and force, history is full of them. It is a sickness that the people of the world have been subjected to for thousands of years, over and over again. It is so instilled and accepted now as the normal thing, that up till now it has carried on, with the people believing that the police and military are protecting them. The shocking realization now is that the military are the governments protection for themselves against anyone that threatens them, including its own population who they know would turn on them in a moment if they weren’t frightened of the police and military.

People everywhere are realizing with shock that the democracy they thought they had is nothing more than a virtual life sentence in a government work camp of continual work, debts and bills underpinned by fear of punishment, made to seem like a democracy because there is a choice of a few parties to vote who are the same ruling clique, which gives the illusion of choice and freedom, when in truth the population of the world who are literal slaves who have just got so used to their enslavement that it has become ‘normal’, and they can no longer see the bars on the prison gates that are everywhere around them from birth to death.

At last the people of the earth are awakening to their life sentence of work and bills, and after such a long amnesia and deception the people are angry and want to be free, and now awakened will never be fooled and put back to sleep again. How the people handle and direct their own awakening will determined whether the people’s awakening will liberate them or further imprison them. – Jason Liosatos.