Sunday, June 30, 2013

Whistleblower Andrew Breitbarts Convenient Death

Radio host Alex Jones talked about the death of Andrew Breitbart. He was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the conservative blogger's demise, since it fell on the very day that Breitbart had previously announced plans to release damning videos of Barack Obama. Additionally, Jones contended that the swift media reports claiming that Breitbart died of "natural causes," despite subsequent news releases saying it would take weeks before that could be determined, was "a big sign that this was some type of staged event." While he washopeful that Breitbart's death was not the result of a nefarious plot, Jones declared that "we would be fools" not to consider the quizzical timing of the journalist's passing.

Andrew Breitbart (/ˈbraɪtbɑrt/; February 1, 1969 -- March 1, 2012) was a conservative American publisher, commentator for The Washington Times, author, and occasional guest commentator on various news programs, who served as an editor for the Drudge Report website. He was a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and helped launch her web publication The Huffington Post.

He owned the news aggregation site,, and five other websites:, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. He played key roles in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, and the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy.


On March 1, 2012, Breitbart collapsed while walking in Brentwood. He was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he later died. He was 43 years old. An autopsy by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office showed that he had cardiomegaly and died of heart failure. The toxicology report showed "No prescription or illicit drugs were detected. The blood alcohol was .04%. No significant trauma was present and foul play is not suspected." Personal friend of Breitbart, Bill Whittle, had said that Breitbart had a "serious heart attack" just months before his passing.

In remembrance, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich praised Breitbart. Santorum called Breitbart's passing "a huge loss" that strongly affected him, while Romney said Breitbart was a "fearless conservative", and Gingrich called him "the most innovative pioneer in conservative activist social media in America...."

His funeral was held March 6, 2012, at a Jewish cemetery in West Los Angeles. Attendees included his father-in-law Orson Bean, Matt Drudge, Herman Cain, Thaddeus McCotter, Greg Gutfeld, Ed Morrissey, Guy Benson, and Rob Long