Wednesday, June 26, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Interview With Jason Liosatos

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Jason Liosatos's second interview with Karen Hudes, former attorney and Senior Executive at The World Bank who was fired for exposing the terrible corruption. Karen is a great voice of integrity and helps us to understand what is happening in the financial world, and the corrupt, casino like situation that holds people and countries to ransom. We talk of the dangers we face if we continue to ignore, and hence perpetuate our corrupted system which threatens to bring humanity to its knees if it continues as it is. Karen’s exposure of the corruption is like a surgical laser beam. Karen reminds us that we have inherited legal structures that must be used to serve the people, and not be ignored and abused by the government and financial institutions.
Karen talks about the Gold and Paper money situation, and how Germany was refused its Gold held by the US. I ask Karen about the Brazil uprisings, she explains that they could affect the US dollar, with Brazil being in the BRICS. We talk about ethical compromises and the diagnosis of the corrupted system being part of the cure, as it is only once a disease in a body is recognised and diagnosed is there a better chance of it being cured. Karen elaborates about The World Banks refusal to cooperate with the accountability inquiry, and how she was shadowed by Allied Barton Security. We also talk about whistle blower Edward Snowden, and the new epoch of consciousness and conscience we are entering, the emergency we face, and how we must all become the midwives of a new system based on truth and integrity, and how we must be very careful and skilled in the way we direct our consciousness and conscience revolution now taking place globally, in order that it liberates us, and not further enslave us.