Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Collapse Of America - America Now Is Starting To Look A lot Like Rome - Stossel - O'Reilly

Stossel: America Collapses In 18 years & 3 Month
Collapse Of America - America Now Is Starting To Look Alot Like Rome - Stossel - O'Reilly

The American Dream today is about how much you "can get" from the Federal Government and how many food stamps the government "gives you" each month on your EBT card. The American Dream used to be about sinking roots into the community of your choice with little or no government assistance or help unless you or your family really needed it. Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and taking care of oneself or your family was also the hallmark of the American Dream. Home ownership played into the American Dream too.The "middle class" will have to reinvent itself and quickly. There are forces trying to tear it apart no matter what it does as this is now established fact. The story of America continues but I think the next several years will be very rocky economically indeed.