Monday, July 15, 2013

Jason Liosatos Interview with Polly Higgins Lawyer for an End to Ecocide on The Planet

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Jason Liosatos interview with Polly Higgins, a barrister for the planet, author, and founder of the Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative. Polly is a tremendous voice for the planet, and is dedicated to ending the ecocide that is causing such damage to the planet and ourselves. We discuss some of the great work she is doing and her great wish to end ecocide by 2020, and the urgency that those changes come to fruition, to change our current trajectory which is so dangerous to both the planet and ourselves. We talk about the importance of us all using our great gifts as artists of our future, to ensure we manifest and sculpt a more sustainable society, not only for ourselves but for the future of humanity. Polly also reminds us to connect more with ourselves through being in nature, and to remember to laugh, love, cry, and feel more joy in our hurried lives, which are often spent in buildings, which dislocate us from nature and hence ourselves.