Sunday, July 14, 2013

Prophecies Fulfilled (1997) 04 - Asian Financial Crisis, Seal 3 Black Horse

The Asian financial crisis in 1997AD affected all nation except Israel and Chtristian nations (excluding Catholic countries). The war torn countries, mainly from the undeveloped nations, suffered tremendously financially and economically. They owed the Western nations by the billions. The daily wage of a labourer average a few dollars only (insufficient to buy the daily basic food for the family) whereby the advance Christian nations has an average of over US$100 per day. This is a great imbalance

1st Seal was opened in 1993 when the PLO-Israel Peace Accord was signed.
Prophecies Fulfilled (1993) 01 - President Clinton an antichrist! Seal 1, White Horse-
2nd Seal was opened in 1994 in the Rwanda Civil war
End Time Fulfillment 02 - Rwanda Genocide (2nd Seal Red horse)

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