Friday, July 12, 2013

Tim Alexander ~ Nuclear Armageddon and WW3 in Syria : Dr Deagle Show 2013/07/11

Dr Deagle Show 2013/07/11 - Tim Alexander : China has more engineers than America

Zionist link to Egyptian Army exposed~ link ~ Israel has always kept its close coordination with Egypt's military low key even though the Camp David Accords required some obvious interaction. But on the other hand the Israelis have actually defaulted on them as their own archives show they never had any intention of fulfilling any plans for a Palestinian peace. They figured they could always negotiate indefinitely, or not, and blame that on the Palestinians. No political entity in America would ever challenge them on their bad faith.
But their going public supporting the US subsidy to the Egyptian army was totally unnecessary. It was not needed since the Obama administration had already worked out a way to avoid cutting off aid through the interim government being set up right away with a call for early elections.

But the Israelis would never do something like this for no reason, and that reason would never be for anyone else's benefit but theirs. So I must assume that they wanted to taint the Egyptian military as pro-Israeli to stoke the probability of more Muslim Brotherhood violence against them to crank up another Syrian style blood letting and destabilization...

US Senator Carl Levin calls for US military strikes on Syria ~ link ~ Another Jewish senator who wants to spend more American lives and money fighting Israel's neighbors, so that Israel can dominate the entire Middle East. These bastards are nothing but foreign agents acting against America. They will not be happy until they kick off the Third World War!!! Stirling