Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wake Up America: Homeland Security Preparing For 2nd Revolution/Economic Collapse

Obama ready to impose martial law in the USA. (New World order RFID chip) Economic Collapse in America 2013

the CENTRAL BANKS are moving America closer to bankruptcy with each passing day. Obama is just a pawn taking his orders from the financial institutions that funded his election , the damage that is being done to the US economy (not to mention the rest of the world's economies), with reckless amounts of QE cannot go on forever? To illustrate - a 747 jet can run out of fuel at 35,000 feet, but will continue to fly for a while with no sign anything is wrong, but eventually - it will go down. That's exactly what's happening to the economy. It's going down, there's nothing that can be done now to stop it whatever the date.