Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like? Dave Hodges, Activist Post

No one will get near the seat of presidency in the U.S. that isn't hand picked by the CFR, Club of Rome and the Committee of 300. The true rulers the ruling. The bureaucrats are impotent and obedient or eradicated.

You think you know what's coming? Dave Hodges has written about it and he's going to tell you what you can expect in this Activist Post article! Is it doomsday or is it truth? YOU DECIDE!

Do all of it, start with the econ collapse, fake a nuke war and kill a billion, start a bio horror, kill a billion, do an electromagnetic power out, shut down of all communications and power, no gas, no food. Full blown world martial law. If you don't take the chip, you don't get the bread hand outs, looters get shot, like zombies. People start begging to get in camp fema. Ya start a credit system, In a year or two, they bring the net back online, and ya trade your credits, for cyber chip money.That's the plan, no doubt. When are the people going to revolt??? Before it happens, or when it's too late? I don't think I like the answer to that question.