Thursday, August 15, 2013

17 Signs of America in Economic Collapse 8-15-13

yet the Fed and Wall Street stealing from you using the cops as armed robbers while they toy with the value of your paycheck , the money is manipulated by the Fed and Wall Street so even if making $10/hr it's only worth $6 and you have to give the govthugs a "cut" to earn it, a "cut" to spend it, and never truly own anything you purchase as they constantly CONSPIRE to take it from you with law or tax. It's all made up paper and subject to seizure. All the others that work the wheel in gerbil zombie toils don't care, they get up to whore themselves to the SCAM for another donut, shiny wheels, education to the slavery for their kids and grandkids, PROP UP THE CRIMINAL SYSTEM by voting in a pre-decided "collection" of theater called election, for insider selection. Geez, a country built on stealing the continent!