Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Economic Collapse ~ DOLLAR COLLAPSE and END of the AMERICAN EMPIRE

Everyone is forgetting that the paper was the promise to pay the metal. The coins in circulation at the time were all made of 90% silver (I live in Germany). So, of course people who are known as being thrifty and big time savers would pick the metal (they knew) over the paper promise that was losing value daily. Today people don't even question what their coins are made of or why they are made to look like silver but are plated with nickel. Two different worlds and concepts.
In the event of a Dollar collapse, it will not be replaced by new paper currency. The era of paper money is over. It will be replaced by digital currency entered into your personalized debit card.
It will be managed by private banks. Every transaction you make will be tracked. The government can do your taxes. They turn you off or on and can approximate your location. Banks will take a percent on both sides of each and every transaction.
Fiat coins will disappear as will the coin slots on machines. What remaining cash will be regarded as criminal enterprise. There is nothing to love about digital money. Once integrated into this system, you can't get in or get out. It will represent a complete loss of freedom.The Germans who had GOLD were safe from the inflation then cashed into the new currency. Others holding the inflated paper were destroyed. We (USA) will see the same at some point.