Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 The Year of Solar Flares & Earthquake Activity!

David Jon exposes something that NASA and NOAA will not admit. There is a direct correlation between Solar change and tectonic activity. 2 Earthquakes of 6.5 and higher were recorded in the past 3 days after a massive Coronal Ejection occurred! If there is a larger emission from the sun, we may receive an EMP(Electromagnetic Pulse) that could destroy the electric grid for months! This could force our Nation into cataclysmic economic conditions. Not to arouse fear, but Obama is doing nothing to prepare for this. We need to improve the smart grid and build a civil defense system that can supply people with necessary food and water. Currently there is no such preparation at FEMA. Also, David discusses some interesting News that is popping up. At the end of the video, he draws direct connections between Obama's failed foreign policy and the civil crisis in Egypt.