Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DISARMED: A History of Gun Control


DISARMED stands as a challenge to the mainstream media's manipulation and disinformation surrounding the 'gun control debate' -- an issue that is truly not about the control of guns, but people.

In a 31 blast of hard-hitting information, DISARMED is the ultimate information bomb for newcomers and veteran news followers alike. As detailed by news juggernaut Mike Adams of NaturalNews:

"Disarmed is totally hard hitting, it is a 31 minute red pill for those who still cling to the concept of gun free zones and mass disarmament" - Mike Adams of NaturalNews

DISARMED is 100% free online, and you are encouraged to send out this mind-seeking informational payload to friends, family, and strangers.


DISARMED contains 100% original content created within the very short time frame of the InfoWars Operation Paul Revere Contest (http://www.InfoWars.com/contest/), and was created using the backbone team of established producer Mike Termale and host/journalist Anthony Gucciardi.

During the short time period of just under a few months, the film was filmed and completed with the two individuals working around the clock to finish up production, taking over 24 hours of interviews alone and compressing the dozens of film hours into a hard-hitting, compact info bomb.

The final crew listing:

Produced by:
Michael Termale (Michael Shane Media)
Anthony Gucciardi (Storyleak)

Written by:
Anthony Gucciardi

Audio, Graphics, and Editing:
Michael Termale

Additional camera and audio:
Josh Hall

Additional Editing by:
Darius Barati

Acting by:
Anna Grace Stewart
Josh Hall


We stand at the very tipping point between making history... or simply repeating it. There is no question that the age in which we live is perhaps the most exciting, concerning, and unforged of all time. The question is no longer whether or not we are about to enter an entirely new age, but instead who will it be forged by -- and how so.

WE The People shall forge the path in which we want to see, free of government censorship and control.