Friday, August 2, 2013

Economic Collapse ~ U.S. Government Preparing and Not in a Nice Way

The Economic Collapse is inevitable , The Economy isn't going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing.

The long-anticipated municipal bankruptcy of Detroit, which is burdened with an estimated $20 billion in debt filed for bankruptcy on July 18 -- I know this nation has been in decline and people are feeling it. It will go from bad to worse then to the worst imaginable. So hang on and prepare for survival. Shout-out to the good people of Detroit, Reno, Las Vegas, Riverside/San Bernardino, Stockton, Santa Ana, Modesto, Sacramento all in Cali, Miami, Birmingham, Atlanta, Tucson, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Toledo, St.Louis, Chicago, New York, Warren, Flint Michigan, and Poughkeepsie; all are mentioned in this report. BREAKING NEWS: Detroit files bankruptcy.. remember San Bernardino CA went bankrupt before this. The Federal gov't is basically virtually bankrupt also! Is another economic collapse such as the Great Depression of the 1930s coming to the USA? America is in for some hard times and it will be worse than the one 90 years ago. Where is the FDR and the New Deal of today? I dont see the politicians providing any solutions, they are just trying to keep whats theirs! WHat do they do for the People?