Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End Time Weapons: IAF Israeli Squadron Hammers - preparing to attack Iran, Ezekiel 38 Approaching

End Time Weapons: IAF Israeli Squadron Hammers - Preparing to Attack Iran - Ezekiel 38 BEAST = will be the leader of 9 leading nations on Earth + PLUS the New Revived Roman Empire which is United States (not the EU, not the WEU, not the Holy Roman Empire, not of that non-sense, is the SEED of them!!!). They are a group o Sets and Subsets in a Mathematical Venn Diagram.

Antichrist will control a total of 10 most powerful nations on Earth (G.A.T.T. with 2 legs of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar - Old World & New World (2 sides of the planet) = not the east & west of European Union, not just 10 nations on EU. Antichrist is the 11th Member, thereby making him the DE FACTO 8th BEAST (Apoc 17:11)
BEAST not the same as New Revived Roman Empire.

New Revived Roman Empire: United States (is NOT EU, is NOT WEU - we are being deceived by a strong delusion) Named in honor of Italian Cartographer Amerigo Vespucci.
The composite Definition of the word 'AMERICA' is 'Powerful Land Ruler', or 'Powerful Ruler of the Land (Earth)
Sources: BehindTheName.com & Italian.About.com
United States is the New Revived Roman Empire.
Daniel 7:4 'like a man with a human's heart (UNCLE SAM)
Daniel 7:4 "...eagle's wings...." (Symbol of the Roman Empire)

Apoc. 13:1 "...and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea (United States out of the ATLANTIC OCEAN, the "sea of Atlas, a greek god; to those who says that sea refers to "sea of people" that also applies to U.S. because U.S. is a melting pot of "sea of peoples"). The U.S. Dollar also has the number of the Antichrist encrypted as well as the symbol of U.S. Dollar $ which came from coins from Tyre, Lebanon (Phoenicia) which symbolize s a serpent around the tree of life. The ASCII symbol of $ = 36 which its sum = 666. Imperial Measurement System is the same as the Roman Empire. English language use the same Roman Latin Alphabet. The letter N is the ICAO symbol of U.S. which equals both 660 (Greek-Roman coding) & 6 (Telephone code). Take the logarithm of 1000 + 100 + 10 in the U.S. Dollar 2nd Encrypted Numerical Series to find 6 and also Negative 6 (Reverse polarity, by Left Most Digit Method). The Credit Score system minimum requirement in U.S. is 720 which equals 6! (6 Factorial = 720). The letters U.S. using Greek Numerals is 600 (Multiple of a Babylonian Numeral). U.S. also use the very same Roman Calendar. U.S. Aircraft carriers also use Roman Empire catapult technology (no other nations does that). Washington, DC is based in the city of Rome. District of Columbia was named in honor of a goddess that goes as far back as Isis, Aphrodite, Athena, etc. and now Columbia. The New World Virgin Goddess Columbia was just a new manifestation of the ancient consort and virgin mother of god. Depicted in Christianity as the Virgin Mary, Columbia was created out of VIRGIN-ia and MARY-land.
U.S. has more soldiers in almost every corner on planet Earth. U.S. is the best ally of Israel which is as close as Judas Iscariot was to Jesus Christ. Judas Iscariot number is 13 which is everywhere in the U.S. Dollar because of the 13 original colonies that came from the last Province of the Roman Empire: Britannia. The U.S. flag also 666 as a barcode of white stripes.

The last kingdom final beast will be 10 most powerful nations on the 10 regions of G.A.T.T led by U.S. (New Revived Roman Empire) by means of NATO (Modern Time Assyria) which in a near future will form a NEW WORLD ORDER.
Antichrist = his name & birthplace remains unknown. He will come from the tribe of Dan (which at this point in time it can be in any geographical point in the world)
King of the East = China (they will not be ACTIVE participant on the Battle of Magog (only logistics, supplies, etc.) King of the East will be participant at the very end in the final of Armageddon (Valley of Megiddo) which will be interrupted by the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

Vatican = The Last Pope in history of the Roman Catholic Church will be the 2nd Beast, A.K.A. The False Prophet

Magog = { Hebrew for 'Land of Gog",
† Footnote #6 Thomas Nelson Libronix KJV Software - [Strong's Hebrew & Concordance Reference] #4031 Additional Information: 4031 מָגֹוג Magog = land of Gog. Such place currently in existence in Russia Federation by the name of Gogland, Гогланд } Russia. Identity of their leader Gog remains unknown.
Tubal = Kazakhstan
Gomer = (is not Germany) = Belarus
Togarmah = Armenia (derives from Tog-ARM-ah)
They are the most powerful among the newly formed C.S.T.O. (Collective Security Treaty Organization)
Persia = Iran
Put = Libya
Kush = Sudan