Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enslaved By Smart Technologies in Canada and the World- 2013

It seems like now a days you can't go a day without hearing some type of advertisement about smart technologies such as smart meters, smart appliances, smart cards, smart energy smart homes and smart grid.

Technology and the interne allowed us to advance and has enabled us to connect in ways never before imagined but as time keeps slipping into the future the more and more I see the internet being expanded and used as a systematic tool to spy on populations with integraded smart technologies that will be essentially used to control everything within what is called a 'smart grid'.

The settings protrayed in the famous book written by George Orwell "1984" are coming into our reality, futuristic technological enslavement where big brother has full control of everything and knows all our actions at all times.

A lot of people labelled as conspiracy theorist have warned the general public for years, and as we drift further past 2012 into the future the more it seems that those labelled as conspiracy theoristare becoming correct in some of the things they are trying to warn the public about.

This film examines and explains The Smart Grid and how it will be used with integrated "smart" technologies to spy and control everything. This film will explain how it's all interconnected to an agenda to put fourth from the United Nations years ago known as Agenda 21. [This film will give minor detail on Agenda 21 but enough to give the viewer a better understanding. I encourage everyone to further the investigation and stay tuned for Candian Awareness Network's upcoming film "The Rise of the United Nations Agenda 21".]

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