Friday, August 2, 2013

Finding Peace, Happiness and Love in the Global Insanity – By Jason Liosatos

We are currently living within the most insane time in our history as we know it, and it is becoming more and more difficult, and challenging, for people to hold their center, balance and sanity in our system which is so consumed by fear, anxiety, stress, worry, with most people suffering from an underlying, agitated feeling, and a rush to get to the next thing at the expense of peace and happiness in the present moment. Most people are suffering from an unspoken anxiety and worry, which is rarely mentioned through a fear of being labelled a failure or someone who cannot cope, but in truth most of us suffer from similar symptoms of anxiety and fear, stemming mostly from a continual necessity to make money, and even when we make it we know we have to make more, and more …..and more.

It is becoming obvious that if we carry on our current trajectory then we will almost certainly destroy ourselves, and ironically the antidote to that destruction lies within the very problem, which is ourselves., because when we change ourselves we change everything. We all have a yearning, a built in desire, an intrinsic pursuit towards peace, happiness and love, but our current system has a detrimental choking effect on these beautiful attributes within us, and hence we struggle to retain our balance and beauty, as we struggle with a system which is designed for debt, short term greed and fear, and most certainly not designed for freedom.

The peace, happiness and love we yearn for is not something ‘out there’ which we have to find, but it is in us all the time, buried and concealed just beneath our rush, agitation and noisiness. Most of us are so used to living in the future, rushing just ahead of ourselves, that we miss the present moment, and if we are continually missing the present moment by projecting into the future, then we miss our lives because ‘now’ is all we ever have. Anxiety and fear have a paralytic effect on consciousness, peace, happiness and love, and it is up to us, in our current global emergency, to rediscover and align with that great peace, happiness and love within us.

The intense pressures and panic of continually pursuing, and making money to survive tend to dislocate us from ourselves and those loved ones around us, creating an isolation, a sort of secret pain that most people feel within, hiding it from those around us and often hiding it from ourselves. We have become an isolated society, separated from ourselves and others, and I believe we have reached breaking point both personally and globally. We are so disconnected from ourselves, each other, and from peace, happiness and love that we have reached a critical point where there is an emergency that we re establish those essential attributes.

We are witnessing the unfoldment, and the urgent necessity, of an emergency transformation of human beings, a recovery back to what we have lost through our brutal system which has dislocated us, literally tearing most people, secretly, apart. Ironically it is the suppression and struggle of the system that is the very thing which is forcing people to awaken and try to struggle free from it, hence the consciousness revolutions and uprisings globally. The pressure of the system is like a pillow being pressed against humanity’s face, and most people feel that suffocation intensely now as austerity measures are forced on us, and people want to be free.

There is a revolution of consciousness and conscience, with people everywhere feeling the urgency to relocate, remember, realign, and rediscover themselves again, and to reconnect to that beautiful essence, enthusiasm, and love for themselves, those around them, and the wonderful world they live in. Human beings are getting dangerously accustomed to a system of debt and fear which should really horrify them, but it has become the norm.

It is imperative that we realize and recognize the slow creep towards further insanity and imbalances, because recognition is the starting point before we can change any problem, and the key to that change, and the treasure of peace it will unlock, is within every one of us, we just need to use it. – Jason Liosatos.