Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gary Johnson ~ Marijuana Is Much, Much Safer Than Alcohol

Alcohol is the gateway to drug, not marijuana.It is a no brainer: don't vote the idiots into office. Alcohol numbs brains and kills brain cells so that is why it is legal. Cannabis makes people think and open their minds, that's why it is illegal. Cannabis, LSD, mescaline and all those mind expanders are schedule 1 for a reason. It scared the crap out of the establishment in the sixties.The bottom line here is MONEY! If the states start legalizing Marijuana, it means less money for police departments who depend on the income from arresting people and fining them for having it. So of course your going to have the Anti-Pot people making false statements like "It's a gateway drug". They know it's not, they just want the money to keep flowing in from the arrests. Less money means Cuts to all local law enforcement.

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