Friday, August 2, 2013

Gerald Celente Blog - Trends In The News - "Corruption & Manipulation" - (7/29/13)

Fractional Reserve Banking, that's right folks, this pyramid scheme is collapsing.The people who have all the money will not tolerate it's loss.The 7 nation not under banking control are either, history 4 gone, or having a bullseye painted on them.Iran, Cuba,N.Korea, all really bad guys the 1% doesn't control.Get ready fo the mark.
Slavelandia IS the future! I'm am an advocate right now, I have a Slavelandia hat (made in the poorest slums of Malaysia by children under the age of 6) that is decorated around in Swastikas and Fasces and a Slavelandia logo written in the new numeric language of Slavelandia, gee it's going to be fantastische!