Saturday, August 10, 2013

Governments Help the Borrowers & Penalize the Savers , They Want us all Debt Slaves

Looking into the destruction of savers for The City of London speculators and borrowers. All part of the planned biggest heist in the history of mankind, the politicians and bankers engineered the collapse / crisis).

Typical of an ex-banker to claim savers have been enjoying great returns in recent past - I'd love to know where these great returns are, because they are inaccessable to normal people, must be a special bankers account that pays 20%.

One thing that popel forget, you can't have Capitalism without capital, ans STEALING savers money will end in the total destruction of the UK economy, worse than in 2008. Buy gold, silver, and other movable assets the crooks in UK government, taxman and others can't get their hands on.

With Simon Rose from, Henry Pryor property expert, and ex-banker Fances Coppola.

Recorded from BBC 2 HD, Newsnight, 09 August 2013.