Monday, August 12, 2013

Jesse Ventura Answers Viewer Conspiracy Questions

Jesse Ventura : You can love your country and not your Government

The problem with not voting for political parties is that is just a name the same people would just run as no party candidates and vote together as before...the 2000 & 2004 elections were rigged... Karl Rove rigged Ohio to flip the count after the vote counting computers crashed and again in 2012 when he freaked out on FOX because the vote was not flipped after the same computers crashed 1 minute apart from 2004.....depends on what type of virus air water food borne virus , so yes, it was rigged last election. After they had Paul out of the way the money men had their bets covered with both Obama and Romney. I'm afraid if we can't get a hold of this election fraud before 2016 they might even have us believe Jeb Bush was elected fairly. But anyone who can look at what went on in the last election can clearly see that neither of these parties have the people's interests in mind. They are bought and sold and then sold to us.