Monday, August 5, 2013

NSA director Gen. Keith Alexanders keynote July 31st at Black Hat USA 2013

Director Gen. Keith Alexander is a deceiver and a liar lying through his teeth , who takes orders off a corrupt government that is controlled by corrupt corporations and corrupt wall st. banksters .The US priority is to create terrorism, domestic and abroad, to justify its war on terror. The US NEEDS terrorists. But, since there aren't enough to justify its war on terror, which is no other than a neo-Nazi colonial war, it creates them. It creates them by provoking terrorist vocations abroad with drone strikes that kill 98% innocent civilians. And, it creates them at home out of thin air by classifying all law abiding citizen in a terrorist category, plus FBI organized terror attacks.Maybe if the US would stopping bombing the middle east. Maybe they would leave us alone

While speaking at an annual conference of hacker and cybersecurity experts on Wednesday morning, National Security Agency head Gen. Keith Alexander was heckled by members of the audience for his agency's surveillance operations and for his controversial testimony before Congress...
The director of the NSA is heckled during his keynote address at a conference for hackers and cybersecurity experts in Las Vegas

National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander was jeered as he pleaded with professional hackers and cyber-security experts to reconsider the indiscriminate NSA surveillance during a speech at the annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alexander claimed that the surveillance methods, disclosed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, have been mischaracterized by the media and are subject to rigorous government oversight. He was approximately 30 minutes into his speech when an audience member, later revealed to be 30-year-old security consultant Jon McCoy, shouted "Freedom!" "Exactly," Alexander replied from the stage. "We stand for freedom."

"Bullshit!" McCoy said.

"Not bad," the NSA director retorted. "But I think what you're saying is that in these cases, what's the distinction, where's the discussion and what tools do we have to stop this." "No, I'm saying I don't trust you," McCoy said over applause. "You lied to Congress," another voice jumped in. "Why would people believe you're not lying to us right now?" "I haven't lied to Congress," said Alexander, who is notoriously press averse. "I do think it's important for us to have this discussion. Because in my opinion, what you believe is what's written in the press without looking at the facts. This is the greatest technical center of gravity in the world. I ask that you all look at those facts."

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