Saturday, August 3, 2013

Numbers Of Part-time Workers Surges To All-Time High

Numbers Of Part-ime Workers Surges To All-Time High

And here is the bigger surprise coming to the sheeple: ObamaCare is going to tax welfare. You and your wife have two part-time jobs each but don't earn enough to support the family of 5. Uncle sugar, the people who destroyed the economy, "graciously" gives you food stamps and several tax "credits" (welfare) that help keep you and yours above water. Now since you don't make enough to be stuck in Medicaid and none of your employers can afford your health insurance, you must buy your own. Of course you can't afford to buy your own, so you are assessed a "penalty" (a tax, as everything paid to those of government is always a tax). The "penalty" serves to reduce or even eliminate your welfare benefits. Surprise, surprise, surprise!