Friday, August 2, 2013

Obama is taking down America / Feds prepare for war / ETdisclosure

2700 TANKS to be moved around the states. For your own protection against terrorists LOL. Cops are now being armed like soldiers , because of terrorists that could harm us. LOL. I want to tell all you people out there something. YES ! there are terrorists in America alright , and there all sitting in the white house carrying out the plans of the united nations. Obama is continually letting foreign troops into the country under the pretext , that's its for Americans safety. LIAR LIAR LIAR. its for his safety and the safety of the criminal government that is ruling over the USA at present. The Obama government is just a distraction from the real truth thou. Its the people pulling Obama's strings , that are the disgusting parasites that do unspeakable things. The bible says that these people are of there father the Devil. The major criminals live in Satans Den
Buckingham palace. People have been raised to believe that the queen is just a lovely old lady , who likes playing dress up in medieval old cloths. WRONG WRONG WRONG.
The queen is a full on Satanist , and so are the rest of her family. Satanists are an abomination to GOD they are blasphemers , murderers , cannibals they are the scum of scum in GODS eyes. So do not have anything to do with them. Having said that. Gods grace still extends to these people if they are willing to confess their sins and repent.