Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Love and Joy Forgotten – By Jason Liosatos

‘Our system has become so brutal, harsh, competitive and xenophobic, that we are becoming dismembered from love’.

We have become so disconnected and pulled away from our feelings of love and joy that we are getting used to living without it, or are living in a compromised state as far as love is concerned. Most of us, if we are a human being, struggle with this inner rift of wanting to give, receive, and experience the love we really are, and we can become cold and closed to the love in ourselves and from others, and it can almost be like a check mate in chess, a sort of stale mate where we cannot give or receive it, not just with others but with ourselves.

It is fascinating how we can feel a real fear if we think of telling someone our feelings for them, maybe from a fear of rejection, from old wounds and scars from our youth, when we once opened our hearts wide and got crushed and badly hurt in doing so. In the section ‘contacting the great comforter love’, I explained the feeling of love that is available for everyone hidden just beneath the harsh structures of ourselves, which anyone can access again, because it’s there awaiting its rediscovery.

We must not blame ourselves for our estrangement from our love connection of giving and receiving, we can blame the dreadful system we are part of that robs us of our sensitivity, love, caring, and softness. We are protecting ourselves from hurt and pain, and we know all too well that in this system of punishment and reward we may well get more punished than rewards if we are too soft, gentle, caring, loving, giving and over sensitive, so we lock up our access to love and overcompensate just in case we are brutalized again by the system or by someone.

So we learn to love a bit, just enough to get by, and let our love just peep out through a little crack to our broken hearts and let others love shine in just a bit through that crack to our hearts, and we learn to live with our wounds. The good news is that once we recognize that rift has taken place then it gives us the chance to retrace our steps back to, and into our moment to moment connection with ourselves and love. Once we see where we were misled on the map, we can re-member and re-tie back to that dislocation.

Feeling love in us again is like plugging back into life again, sure we still get problems, life is full of challenges and things to overcome to get what we need to survive, but without love it’s harder, because without love we are merciless and ruthless with ourselves and that spills over onto others. Accessing love begins by the recognition that we are lacking a proper connection to it, and then we can uncover it again, and like polishing tarnished silver we will slowly see the shine in us coming back, which will translate to others and the world around us. Our love will start to smile through the dullness that was our protective shield from the world, and ironically our brightness and love that shines and heals is also a strong protection, because though it gives, and loves, and cares it also repels unwanted influences that could be deleterious to our lives.

So it is a complete fallacy that love, gentleness, and caring are weaknesses and something a bit soft and soppy of the weak willed. On the contrary love is a mighty strength, and the opposite to popular belief that one who loves openly is weak, though of course we must protect ourselves also as I have explained, but we are not to overcompensate, but to be flexible meeting each situation with appropriately presented love, which is the wise way. – Jason Liosatos www.jasonliosatos.com