Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Both of her interviews are condensed here with the total time being the same as one interview.

What I find fascinating is that there was an evangelist, Rob Moore, implying the exact same thing back in early 2010. His timeline suggested the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation would begin in September 2013. Someone else said Rasputin had forecast the end of August 2013. Someone else said back in 2012 the real Maya date would be December 2013. And sculptures of the Maya and Sumerians indicate the very same. So let's stop pretending Pattie Brassard was alone in her prediction.
I strongly suspect SOMETHING WICKED OUR WAY COMES, because there is TOO MUCH coincidence being played out in the government arena & TOO MUCH secrecy & TOO MUCH distraction with world events. Things are happening so fast on the world stage, it's a struggle to stay up to date. I strongly suggest we attempt to prepare as much as possible , better be too much prepared and nothing happens than not being prepared at all and something happens ....