Friday, August 2, 2013

Prophecy in the Stars! July 22nd Star of David Alignment & Revelation 12 September 22nd 2017!

Study these charts closely and watch and see what events unfold after july 22nd . The Star of David (6 Star) Alignment will be the last and final one for another 100 years ! All the signs will be in the heavens . There is also reference to Revelation 12 and September of 2017! Remember the Bible says, that satan will have his way "First", The ILLUMNATI - AKA - "New World Order" will have their Martial Law & then fill the "Fema Death Camps", because they must reduce the Population down to 500 Million & they can't rely on the Solar Flare to kill everyone. The month is clearly Feb, because those signs , I mentioned below, will be most visible at that time of the month. The possible of the solar flare hitting Earth, will most likely occur between 2015 & 2018