Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Beginning of The Endgame for the U S Dollar? David Morgan

Here's a simple inexpensive solution to econ woes:
1. end all foreign aid and all foreign "loans" and "grants"
2. bring all US troops home (they are in 130 countries now)and
3. use them to close the southern border..
4. close all foreign bases and bring home all the dependants
----those 4 would end the US balance of payments deficit over nite
5. disband the Dept of Energy and Education..saving billions more
6 Peg the US dollar to gold and begin to circulate lawful gold and silver coins and REDEEMABLE paper dollars(gold ans silver receipts) like we used to have. This would force the end of the PVT bank called "the fed"
7.Bring back work for welfare asap.
8. institute mandatory voter PHOTO-ID: 1 person=1 vote. ie, no dead or mentally handicapped voting. Make voting as hard to do as buying a beer at least.
9. close most of the US embassies and bring HOME all the diplomats and assorted boozers therein and make them go to work. If folks want to talk to us they can CALL.
10. make it a crime for any gvt employee [incl the president] to travel outside CONUS while employed by the taxpayers.
11. declare our foreign policy to be: : any attack upon the CONUS will be met with full retaliation asap. {Stay out of foreign entanglements}.
12. all vacations taken by ANY gvt employee must be paid for from salary or personal funds only..no taxpayer funded junkets.
13. Get out of the UN and thus stop funding the 45% of the cost of it that WE now pay. Send the UN 'diplomats' home.
14. Cut funding for the EPA by 75% and get the gvt OUT of the way of energy production asap.
That'll about do it for the first month of the new Presidency and no new spending was proposed..
No tariffs = no jobs = no consumers = no sales = no economy.
Globalization does not work, because ALL economics is friggin' LOCAL.
Supply side IS voodoo economics, and utterly nothing good has happened since we went down that dark road.

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