Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Financial Collapse of The West ~ The Debt Time Bomb

The debt time bomb that is Britain. Britain, as other western countries, need to Nationalize the Bank of England and all the private banks, close down the gilts market and let the government issue its own money and credit. Money should be the servant not the master of mankind. Fractional reserve lending is a fraudulent banking system as is paying interest on the creation of money.

An apocalyptic documentary regarding the sorry state of the British Economy and it's colossal debt mountain. Warning: Unpleasant content.

If MoneyWeek are to be believed, Britain's love affair with borrowing has put us on a collision course with complete economic, social and political collapse. Osborne cannot save us now. £10 trillion in public funds - MoneyWeek calculations based on historical welfare spend
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An estimated £5 trillion government debt -- IEA article: True level of UK government debt exceeds £5 trillion, 12 November 2012
£120 billion net borrowing -- Office for National Statistics: Public Sector Finances August 2012, 21 September 2012
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