Friday, August 9, 2013

The Iran Deception – By Jason Liosatos

The Iran Deception It is amazing how it is perceived that Iran is not responsible enough to have nuclear weapons, with its virtually squeaky clean track record, and their religious haram, constituting WMD’s and nuclear weapons as a sin. Iran is angelic compared to the US, West, and Israels horrendous record of irresponsibility with nuclear weapons, using them in the form of Depleted Uranium with impunity and devastation in Iraq, Libya, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and apparently Palestine, with horrific consequences of birth defects, cancers, and a virtual, ongoing genocide, which will affect people and the planet for 4.5 billion years. So what an audacity to point their guilty, blood stained fingers at Iran.
Innocent Iran should have nuclear weapons if it wants them, to be able to defend itself against the megalomaniacs surrounded it, threatening it daily, and punishing it via cowardly sanctions for a crime it has not committed. US, the West and Israel are so psychotic that they are professing a policy of ‘shoot them just in case they are guilty’, as in the case of Iran and all the murderous Drone strikes, without a trial for victim or perpetrator. It is no different to shooting someone because you think that they ‘just might’ get a gun one day in the future and shoot you. Unbelievable. – Jason Liosatos