Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The SECRET War on Truth & Whistleblowers

Snowden is only one of a few who has the b a l l s to stand up to Obama and his cronies. He's a national hero. There will come a day when there is a National Snowden Day.

The government has used false flags to intimidate the American people into accepting drastic inroads into our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Among the myriad of indications that 9/11 was an inside job is the satellite infrared temperature readings of the debris pile at Ground ZERO. THE PILE REMAINED HOTTER THAN JET FUEL EVER GETS FOR THREE MONTHS. Some chemical process (thermite had been indicated by examination of the dust) providing its own source of oxygen was employed to melt steel and weaken the structure. This technology was far beyond the powers of any rag tag group of "terrorists." Satellites do NOT lie. We also know the anthrax letters which were initially attributed to Saddam actually were of US origin. We know the White House insiders secretly started taking risky anti-anthrax antibiotics THREE WEEKS BEFORE any known anthrax threat. Jeb Bush initiated martial law in Florida by signing a bill for it THE WEEK BEFORE 9/11. Bomb-sniffing dogs were removed the Thursday prior and the weekend prior Steven Forbes observed a "cable power down" with workmen coming and going having unrestricted access. He reported this after 9/11 and was IGNORED. Wake up. The Police State measures were planned long before 9/11/01.