Monday, August 5, 2013

World On the Brink of a Food Crisis and Financial Meltdown

 Staple foods are becoming increasingly expensive. Wealthy western countries are largely unaffected by the problem but the developing world is badly hit.Monetary Policies as well as fiscal policies are the main causes of high food prices. Unfortunately our politicians and central bankers won't admit their mistakes.

World Food Crisis : Are we heading for a global Food Crisis?   Remember a crisis can strike anytime. This is a special report on one of the most important subjects out in our world today. Our food supply shortage.

Now you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the United States Government is trying to make the population dependent, but the question is why? Especially when we are in the seventh year of a worldwide famine. China, Australia, India, all of the major population centers of the United States, all of Europe, almost all of the entire planet lost their bee population 4 years ago.

Again we are in a 7 year worldwide famine. We have droughts and food shortages every place and every country that has more money than we have is buying our food and so now we have 12 million American kids that go hungry every single night. THIS IS AMERICA TODAY!!!!!

Now here is another very disturbing fact. Steve Shenk (owner of efoods Direct) buys all of his raw materials for food from another foreign country right now because he cannot get anything that is not GMO from America (which he will not reveal which foreign country understandably because if his competitors found out he would have higher prices).