Friday, August 2, 2013

Your Worst Enemy, The State - Gary D. Barnett

it's hard to disagree with this author about this article, in which he portrays government as a totalitarian, belligerent thief, that is power hungry and produces nothing useful, ruling without consent of those governed A warning at the start says that the NSA is watching you, so be aware that your life is in danger, just frequenting this channel and your name could wind up on a 'KILL LIST' and when the TSA is everywhere, you could be plucked out and sent to a FEMA camp for being a traitor and helping bring truth, to the people! In my opinion, government is at best, tolerated because there is no other recognizable option available at the time. At worst, it is an evil and tyrannical overlord of the individual, never ceasing in its desire for power, money, total control, brutality, war, and imperialism. This opinion obviously does not serve as a recommendation for any governing system, with the one exception of peaceful anarchy, or a society without the State. Government is always an instrument of force, as government has nothing, creates nothing, and produces nothing; it only steals from those who do. Therefore, politically based government should be avoided at all cost. Unfortunately, this has rarely happened in history. Although government is controlling and brutal in its efforts to remain in power, it can only retain that power over the rest of society given that the majority consents to be ruled. In many instances, this consent is simply implied.