Sunday, August 4, 2013

THEY Want Us To Believe There's Another 9/11 Coming!" CIA Agent Bob Baer

With the NSA under a microscope, how better to prove that SPYING on EVERYONE is an essential thing we have to learn to "accept and actually appreciate"!! Another smoke-screen so nobody looks too closely at all the scandals going on at 1600.

The reason they want to rid us of our freedoms is because our freedom is EXACTLY what keeps them in check. Their laws are fake. It's an illegitimate government who does NOT represent the people, made up for their own benefit and of those bribing them or their donors. It's a psychological operation using illusion and fear to get people to AGREE to go along with them because if we AGREE and COMPLY, it gives them more power since people are literally deceived into handing their power to them.