Saturday, January 15, 2011

Glenn Beck - The China Syndrome

think outside of the box, the chinese made the box

Though I often think that I'm glad that Beck is saying what he's saying on TV, I always suffix that thought with "HE IS A LITTLE LATE TO THE PARTY". To understand China you need to understand the culture which has endured 6500 years despite what the politics of the day might be.The family, education, and hard work (to severely simplify some tenets of Chinese culture) are engrained from birth. Beck thinks China advanced overnight - those who are aware knew the US was to be displaced 30 years ago.
It's the Wall Street, stupid. The German's are into the stock market for a quick profit and speculate like the Americans. The Germans are really have both of their feet on the ground focusing doing the finest work. Japan was the same way before they got seduced by Wall Street which crashed them until today. China are now realized what's their problem. They started to look at the German's and Japanese and study hard.All the 1% richest Chinese connected to the political power local or cenral. The rich gap in China is bigger than that of the US. China certainly outdone the American in such way. And they are way more greedy than the Americans. Many intelligent Chinese are very very worry about the future of China. They see China economy is empty from the inside out.